Reiki – and my take on it.

I’m a skeptic by nature. Everything that I’ve ever approached in life, I have approached with a more than healthy dose of doubt. Reiki was no exception.

My Reiki Master is exceptional. I have learned a great deal about the world around me from her unique perspective – and I truly value the friendship and mentorship that we are building. We met while I was in massage school (more on how massage school came about in another post) and she quickly became a good friend. Just one of those people who makes everything alright – if that makes any sense. She offered to share Reiki with me, and I’m thankful I allowed myself to say yes.

(Shameless plug for her –

Let me start with her energy, because that is how this was all introduced to me. I’ve never been into energy or vibes or any of that (formerly known as) nonsense. You can tell she’s seen ugly, like real ugly. You can tell there are scars. But there is also this *radiance* about her – she’s one of those people that you just know are good people. If Reiki had anything to do with this – I had to know more. She was compassionate and kind even when it seemed she shouldn’t be. That really resonated with me.

I have been collecting crystals and wearing them for about a year now. It started with black tourmaline. Anyway – that was about as energetic as I have ever been, but I knew that this person, this beacon of light had something that I wanted.

Reiki, in essence, is this concept of an eternal limitless love that transcends material limitations and boundaries. It’s learning to be a vessel for this energy, and allowing it to flow through you to others. It isn’t in and of itself a religion. I have to share though, that it’s everything I had been looking for in religions – it was compassion and empathy for the sake of compassion and empathy.

Reiki is the laying on of hands that is referenced in almost every major religion throughout history – at least a flavor of that. Personally, I found a lot of ego in some of the definitions and explanations, as did my Reiki Master. To really understand what this is, you have to first understand that our perception of the world is limited to a finite color scale, frequency range, and what we can taste/touch/smell. Our ability to describe what we have observed is limited further still by language and shared experiences required for communication to exist.

Realizing that there is so much that we can’t possibly begin to describe or understand was fundamental for me – this is where my journey begins. I am still quite young in my Reiki journey, the skeptic is alive and well – but so is hope. That’s new.

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